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The Sydney Midwife Blog is continuing on, just as before.  What's new is that I now offer a great range of Essential Birth & Baby Packages help you create a safe, gentle and empowering birth experience.  My goal is to give you the very same knowledge and tools that the women in my private practice have successfully used to create a safe, natural birth.

Giving birth is the most transformational and empowering experience in a woman's life.  My experience has taught me that our current birth system treats pregnancy and birth as crises waiting to happen and women are often treated as a number in a busy and over-stretched system.  All of The Essential Birth & Baby Packages are tailored to your needs.  No two women are the same and each pregnancy is unique. That's why I'll invite you to tell me about you, your pregnancy and your plans for your birth. You'll receive a tailored package, with information based on your unique needs, wishes and expectations for your pregnancy.  In keeping with the individualised care and attention that a midwife would offer to her clients, this ensures you're offered the best tools, resources, information and guides to help you.

I offer a large range of resources, all designed and tailored for you!  Tell me about you, your pregnancy and your wishes, and I'll arrange resources and packages around you.


I'd like for every woman to be able to say, "I had a great birth!  It was the most amazing and special thing I have ever done."  Because when birth is amazing and special, empowered and confident mothers are born.

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