meet melissa

I'd like for every woman to be able to say, "I had a great birth!  It was the most amazing and special thing I have ever done."  Because when birth is amazing and special, empowered and confident mothers are born.

I am a midwife.  My former private midwifery practice provided comprehensive, personalised pregnancy, birth and postnatal care for women.  I noticed a huge difference in how my clients viewed their births, their babies, and themselves - and importantly, a huge difference in the birth outcomes for the women who came through my practice.

I pondered for years trying to understand WHY there was such a profound difference in the birth outcomes for the women who came through my practice.

Were they simply self-selecting into a service that supported their wish for a natural birth?  Perhaps - but complications impact all women equally - or at least, that is what we're asked to believe.
Were the women simply so head-strong and determined to birth without drugs, that they did?  Maybe.  But determination does not guarantee success in other areas of life - much less birth, with all of its unpredictable twists and turns.
Was it anything to do with my care of these women?  I believe I was great at what I did, but I did not carry those babies, birth them and breastfeed them.  I was merely the "personal trainer" or "coach", and the women did the work of preparing for - and living - their amazing births.  So, no, it wasn't about me.

I believe it was something else.  I know a "formula" of sorts, that when followed, does result in much lower rates of intervention and complications, and much higher rates of natural, drug-free, healthy birth - and breastfeeding.

I have followed this formula time and time again, refining it along the way, tweaking it more. 

You see, I believe birth is about 90% psychological. It is a physical process, but the physical process is directed by our minds.  When we can harness the power of the mind to direct the birth experience of our choosing, the vast majority of the time, we achieve the experience we so wanted to have.

My Program and Packages speak to the psyche.

It is not about your blood pressure, your baby's movements, your last ultrasound - although these are so important to a healthy outcome for you and your baby.  But these elements are well cared for in our hospital system, by obstetricians, midwives, homebirth programs and so on.

It is the psyche that is not acknowledged within our medically-driven, scientific, technocratic health system.

My philosophy encompasses pregnancy, labour and birth as a normal physiological process, which women are designed to do, particularly when they are prepared thoroughly and comprehensively for the birth of their choosing.

My Program derives from my experience as a midwife, hours and hours spent consulting with pregnant women, long hours spent observing women through labour and birth under their own steam, both in hospital birth units and at home, and in supporting new mothers and new babies through their spectacular transition to parenting and new life. My Program derives from my reflections and learnings of a 15+ year midwifery career.

Who I am

Just to let you know a little more about me: I have been a midwife for over 15 years.  I am the Director of Essential Birth Consulting, and the Essential Birth & Baby Program Packages.  I grew up in Australia and studied midwifery here as well.  In the time that I have worked as a midwife, I have been privileged to have worked in private and public hospitals, birth centres and private practice, covering birth unit, postnatal, community, antenatal wards and clinics, and neonatal nurseries. I have also worked in health management.  From 2008 onward, I chose to provide my services exclusively in a private practice capacity because that allowed me to meet women's needs in pregnancy and birth - and allowed for the development of Essential Birth & Baby.

Why this Program?

The Essential Birth & Baby Packages help you create a safe, gentle and empowering birth experience.  My goal is to help break down the fears that hold you back from natural birth, and give you the knowledge and resources you need to assist you in your journey through birth and motherhood.

Giving birth is the most transformational and empowering experience in a woman's life. My experience has taught me that our current birth system treats pregnancy and birth as crises waiting to happen and women are often just treated as a number in a busy and over-stretched system.

Although the birth outcomes of the Essential Birth & Baby Program are vastly different to those achieved in other care models, I believe the biggest success is not the Program, but the amazing women who are so brave, trusting and courageous through their journey to motherhood. 

Melissa Maimann

BN(Syd), GradDipMid(Newcastle), GradCertMid(Flin), MBA(AGSM), RM