Labor Induction Need Not Increase Cesarean Risk

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Contrary to a belief widely held by obstetricians, inducing labor need not increase a woman's risk for cesarean section ...

... "Elective induction can be done in such a way as to avoid raising c-section rates ..."

The scientists reviewed existing research that examined elective induction of labor, in which women have labor induced by choice rather than for medical reasons. ... the rate of elective inductions has more than doubled since 1990 ... physicians have worried these inductions exposed women to higher risk for cesarean and the medical complications that can follow a surgical delivery ...

... The confusion arises in part from a flaw in the observational studies that link elective induction to higher cesarean risk ... Observational studies usually compare electively induced labor at a particular gestational age with spontaneous labor at the same time in pregnancy.

... There's an important caveat to these results, however. Obstetricians need to be patient enough to see if the induction is working before deciding to try a cesarean, the research team noted.

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