Fed:More Aust newborns tipping the scales at over 4kg

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16/03/2009 - Australian babies are becoming increasingly big bundles of joy, and health experts warn it's not always something to be happy about ... gestational diabetes [results in] heavier babies [and contributes to] a rising rate of newborns weighing in at more than four kilograms.

... there is evidence of a relationship between high birth weight and the increased future risk of asthma, type one diabetes and a number of cancers, including infant and childhood leukaemia, and breast, prostate and colon cancer," said Dr Hadfield, who is postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Sydney at Royal North Shore Hospital.

"As well as the potential for lifelong health consequences, higher birth weights may also result in injury to the infant and the mother at the time of delivery." ....

Another contributing factor was the fact more women were waiting later in life to have children, but Dr Hadfield also said not all of the increase could be accounted for.

- What is not mentioned, is that perhaps women are looking after themselves really well in their pregnancies, eating healthier food, and that this is contributing to bigger babies. Of course, there's also the obesity epidemic, so the onus is on women to take care of their nutrition, exercise and health during pregnancy. A low-GI diet combined with exercise is a great start!

Melissa Maimann, Essential Birth Consulting