530,000 new mums prove home births safe

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WOMEN who give birth at home with a midwife are just as safe as those who go to hospital, a major study has found.

More than 500,000 women participated in the seven-year Dutch study, which showed there was no difference between home births and hospital births when it came to the number of babies admitted to intensive care units.

Upwey mum Gypsy O'Dea, 34, had her first two children in maternity hospitals before delivering third child Reid at home ... "Thankfully I had a very uneventful pregnancy and was able to have a home birth. It was amazing, it was the most wonderful thing I have ever done," she said.

... Ms O'Dea said she decided on a home birth after a traumatic experience in hospital with first daughter Zahra, now 7.

"I ended up having a lot of intervention I didn't want," Ms O'Dea said.

... Associate Professor Hannah Dahlen, from the Australian College of Midwives, said home births were completely safe for low-risk women if a trained midwife was present.

"We have known for many years mothers have lower intervention rates and higher satisfaction rates when giving birth at home," she said.

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