Alternative to Caesarean

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Maitland women are set to be included in an international study looking at the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care during pregnancy ... The study ... will look at how chiropractic care can reduce the high rate of Caesarean section deliveries.

The high rate of Caesarean deliveries in Australia – which has risen in the past 10 years from one-in-five births to more than one-in-three – could be reduced if more women discovered the benefits of chiropractic care for mother and baby.

Overseas evidence indicates the number of Caesareans could be cut dramatically if more women consulted a chiropractor early in their pregnancy for assistance in adjusting the spine, strengthening pelvic muscles and allowing the baby the best possible position for a natural birth.

Interesting research. I wonder why it is that the modern-day woman cannot give birth without a caesarean, whereas just 8 years ago, the national caesarean rate was under 20%? The national caesarean rate has increased more than 50% in just 8 years. I think that has more to do with the way we deliver maternity services in this country, rather than chiripractic care. Still, a consultation with a chiro could help women. It's useful for breech babies and posterior babies.

The best way to lower the caesarean rate is to put midwives in charge of risk assessment and allow them to work in their full scope of practice, rather than under medical control. Currently, most midwives are employed within obstetric models of care. The only midwives who are exempt from this are privately-practising midwives (independent midwives) who provide continuity of care to women who privately contract their services.

Melissa Maimann, Essential Birth Consulting.