C-Section Raises Risk of Asthma in Newborns by 79 Percent

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NaturalNews) Children delivered by cesarean section (CS) are significantly more likely to develop asthma and allergies later in life than children delivered through vaginal birth ...

... CS is becoming more common as many women's preferred method of childbirth. Researchers compared the rates of asthma and allergies among 2,917 eight-year-olds, comparing the rates between those who had been delivered vaginally and those who had been delivered by CS. They found that the risk of asthma was 79 percent higher in those delivered by CS compared with those delivered vaginally. The correlation between c-section and asthma risk was even higher among children born to one or more parents with allergies.

.... C-section is already known to raise a child's risk of diabetes by 20 percent, compared with vaginal delivery. In spite of this known health risk, rates of the procedure have been steadily rising in the United States over the last 25 years, increasing by 46 percent since 1985 to a current level of more than 30 percent of all births.

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