Hospital Birth with your own Private Midwife!

Visit my website to learn more about my services. Many women prefer to birth their babies in hospital, but they want to have the same midwife all the way through their pregnancy, birth and post-birth period. It's about building trust, having a familiar face and being understood and supported.

There are a range of options. Some women see the hospital midwives or their own doctor for care, and see me for pregnancy, birth and postnatal support.

Other women have some or even all of their antenatal, labour and postnatal care with me, and we birth in hospital. You'll find this service very flexible - no more waiting in hospital clinics for 30 - 60 mins: I can come to you when it suits you and we can take our time addressing the things that matter to you.

I support you in your decisions, whatever birth you're planning. We explore what birth means to you and discuss your goals for pregnancy and birth, focussing on what's important to you, what you need, and looking at ways of making the birth as positive and healthy as possible.

I know that no two women are the same, so services are tailored and individualised to your needs and budget.

The service ….

As a midwife, I can provide clinical care, birth support, information, advice and emotional support as you journey through your pregnancy and birth. I meet with you several times in your pregnancy so we can learn about each other, and so you can more feel comfortable with me. I help you formulate a birth plan and de-brief previous birth experiences. Your consultations may be instead of, or in addition to, your hospital or doctor appointments. Some women have all of their antenatal care with me.

When your labour starts, I come to your home and stay with you until you're ready to go to hospital. I will stay with you in hospital, supporting you through your labour and advocating for you, until your baby is safely born. You leave the hospital when you feel ready and we continue your care at home, for up to 6 weeks.

I will facilitate communication with midwifery and medical caregivers to ensure that you have the information necessary to make informed decisions during labour and birth. Childbirth education is provided. After your baby is born, I can meet with you to discuss your birth and review your medical records, if requested.

What are the Advantages of Midwifery Birth Support? Many women ask me how they can benefit from having a midwife provide birth support when they have family, friends, doulas or hospital staff to support them. Family and friends love and care for you, and this emotional attachment can prevent them from seeing situations objectively. Also, they may not be aware of the full range of options that are open to you. Some family and friends also feel reluctant to advocate for you.

Hospital staff are often busy caring for other women in labour: a hospital-employed midwife often cares for 2 labouring women at any given time, while also answering phones, performing administrative roles and so on. So if good birth support and advocacy are what you're after, your best options are to employ a doula or a midwife. "What's the difference?", I hear you ask. Read on to find out ....

An independent / private midwife can provide all the services that a doula can provide. In addition, you benefit from: - being professionally cared for by a registered health professional who is recognised by legislation - being cared for by someone who is educated to university level - being cared for by somoene who is educated in skills such as resuscitation - higher chance of normal vaginal birth - minimal intervention during birth - professional advice and clinical care - having some or all of your antenatal and postnatal care with your midwife - lowest chance of caesarean - lowest chance of episiotomy - midwives can advise on VBAC options - lower requirement for pain relief - higher breastfeeding rates - lower rates of pregnancy admissions to hospital - access to midwife means you can change to home birth at any time and have that mifwife as your primary care provider - midwives can monitor your baby in pregnancy and labour - midwives can monitor your health in pregnancy and labour - midwives can liaise with other health professionals if needed

Visit my website to learn more about my services.