Repeat C-sections Rise By Over That 40 Percent In One Decade, USA

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The percentage of pregnant women undergoing a repeat Cesarean section ... jumped from 65 percent to 90 percent between 1997 and 2006 ... Nearly one-third of the 4.3 million childbirths in 2006 were delivered via C-section, compared with one-fifth in 1997.

... although C-sections account for 31 percent of all deliveries, they account for 45 percent of all costs associated with delivery.

C-sections account for 34 percent of all deliveries by women who are privately insured but only 25 percent of deliveries by women who are uninsured.

This is similar to the situation in Australia where we have escalating primary caesarean rates and diminishing VBAC rates. Hopefully the changes proposed in the Maternity Services Review will help midwives to become primary care providers to women - this will help to reduce the caesarean rate. If homebirth midwives are able to access insurance and hence register, this will also help lower the CS rates.

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