Why Birth at Home?

Visit my website to learn more about my services. Homebirth provides a familiar and safe environment for birthing. This helps to keep stress hormones low, and positive birth hormones high, and can therefore make the birth easier and less painful.

Women choose a homebirth because they believe in their body’s ability to birth, wish to involve their partner and other children more, or prefer to reduce the chance of intervention in their labour. And becuase let's face it: pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy and natural experiences. We don't go to hospital to experience other normal, healthy and natural bodily experiences such as food digestion, urination, menstruation, defecation .... we trust that our bodies work, and that these processes work too.

Women choose homebirth to: Experience fewer complications in labour Reduce the need for interventions Use less pain medication Lower their chances of a caesarean from about 35% to around 5% Remain in comfortable and familiar surroundings Have a baby who has fewer problems after the birth Increase their success with breastfeeding Avoid time limits being imposed on labour and birth Experience antenatal and postnatal visits in their home Improve bonding with their baby Provide a gentle birth for their baby Involve other siblings and family Have choice and control Reduce birth trauma Receive care from the same midwife right the way through Benefit from having more choices available Benefit from sound education and birth preparation Have a great birth!

Visit my website to learn more about my services.