Your Perineum: To tear (or cut!) or not to tear?

The NSW 2006 data reveals interesting statistics about the fate of your perineum in NSW hospitals. Overall, 13% - 56% did not have stitches after their birth. The average was 27%. 3% - 35% women had an episiotomy. Huge variation, don't you think? The average was 15%.

When we look at first time mums, 12% - 51% birthed their babies and needed no stitches. The average was 32%. And episiotomy rates varied from 2% - 45% (average 18%).

In home birth studies, 53% - 66% women have an intact perineum (no tears, no stitches). Episiotomy rates vary between 1% and 4%

So if you don't want to have stitches after you have your baby, and if you don't want your vagina to be cut, choose a home birth with a midwife. A very large and recent study has shown it (once again) to be very safe for healthy low risk women. Phone a midwife today to talk about homebirth.

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