Caesarean Rates so high even doctors are concerned

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The number of ... Florida babies born by cesarean section is rising so fast that even some obstetricians say surgical births are out of hand.

... 43 percent of Broward County births and 41 percent in Palm Beach County were done by C-section ... Florida, at 39 percent, ranked second highest behind New Jersey.

... cesareans cause ... more complications ... than do natural births, and they pose increasing risks with every subsequent pregnancy ...

"Absolutely, something has to change," ... "The C-section rate is three times higher [than 20 years ago], yet babies are not healthier. It's not helping.

... C-section rates vary sharply. A few South Florida doctors deliver three-fourths of their babies by cesarean, and a few do almost none ... About half the births at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale and Palms West Hospital in Loxahatchee were by C-section, yet others do two-thirds naturally.

There are medical malpractice fears. Obstetricians and hospitals ... order C-sections for any irregularity before or during labor ... Almost no doctors let women try natural birth after a prior C-section ...

Doctors also may push mothers to C-sections if the labor drags on for 12 hours, if drugs fail to induce the baby or if the baby is big ...

... Doctors contend they are under pressure to deliver surgically. If they don't and something goes wrong, they are sued. As a result, almost no doctors do natural delivery for breech or multiple births.

"If there's any untoward event, the first thing they ask is, 'Why wasn't there a C-section?'" ... "If there's any doubt, there's no incentive to take a chance."

... "The philosophy is, you will never be sorry you did a C-section, but the reverse is not always true."

... Babies born by cesarean are more likely to go to intensive care ... Surgical births ... risk infections and anesthesia reactions. And mothers who have repeat C-sections are more prone to have abnormal placenta growth that causes bleeding and complications.

The first cesarean is now the key decision ... "Patients have the conception that C-section is a simple surgery ... "Every subsequent surgery for C-section has more risk. "About 95 percent of Florida women who have cesareans will deliver every other baby that way. Most doctors and hospitals refuse to perform ... VBAC, saying the stress can cause uterine rupture, a complication in less than 1 percent of births.

... Nermarí Broderick said her doctor pushed her toward a cesarean even though she didn't want it and had no medical risks. So she had two sons at a natural birth center.

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