Babies are healthier when they choose their birthdays

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Elective term delivery at 37 and 38 weeks’ gestation is associated with higher neonatal morbidity than at 39 weeks’ gestation. Preterm delivery (<37 weeks’ gestation) is associated with significant neonatal morbidity and mortality ...

... Six percent of infants ... born after elective induction of labor required admission to neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), 70% within the first 24 hours. Among planned elective deliveries, infants born at 37 and 38 weeks had significantly higher rates of NICU admissions than those born at 39 weeks (17.8% and 8.0% vs. 4.6%, respectively).

... The authors conclude that elective delivery before 39 completed weeks’ gestation is inappropriate and that women with unfavorable cervix dilation who undergo elective induction of labor should be warned about the increased risk for cesarean delivery.

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