Blood loss from caesarean was mistreated

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REBECCA MURRAY was chatting to her husband and doctor less than an hour after delivering a healthy baby girl by caesarean section.

Twenty minutes later her blood pressure dropped so low that her condition qualified as a medical emergency. Within hours she suffered cardiac arrest. The following day she was dead.

The rapid decline of the 29-year-old mother was compounded by a catalogue of oversights by nursing and medical staff, an inquest into her death heard yesterday, and should not have ended in her death.

Ms Murray had an emergency caesarean at Bathurst Hospital in June 2007 after her waters broke while the baby was in breech position.

... postpartum haemorrhage was a known complication of vaginal and caesarean births and severe cases occurred about once a week in major hospitals across Western Sydney.

Here we see a situation where one set of risks are substituted for another. Would the outcome have been the same if this woman was "allowed" to start labour spontaneously and birth her breech baby vaginally?

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