British mum's embryo given to wrong woman, then aborted


AN IVF clinic has admitted giving a couple's last embryo to the wrong woman, who then had the baby aborted.

The UK clinic failed to follow its own procedures and has acknowledged the blunder was "extremely upsetting" for everyone involved.

But the woman who should have received the embryo has told how the mistake left her and her husband "shaking with shock and bursting with anger".

She said: "I kept thinking, 'They’ve killed our baby! Killed our baby!'

"Even our worst fears didn’t prepare us for the devastating news that our embryo had actually been placed in another woman, and that it had to be taken out and destroyed for 'medical reasons'."

... when they were arrived for their appointment they were initially told there had been an accident in the lab and the embryo had been destroyed.

Later it emerged a trainee doctor had failed to carry out sufficient checks and the embryo had been implanted in another woman.

Ian Lane of Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust told The Sun: "We apologise unreservedly for this mistake.

... "Immediately after the event, we carried out an internal investigation ...

... "As a result of both of these investigations, we have made a number of improvements to our systems and checks, in line with the recommendations made in the reports."

It's sad, but mistakes do happen in health care. No-one is perfect.