Don't cut the cord, says mum

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WHEN Cher Sievey gave birth to her baby daughter Ophelia she decided to do things a little differently.

Not only did she choose a homebirth without a midwife but she chose not to cut the umbilical cord.

It's a practice known as Lotus Birth, when the placenta and cord remain attached to the baby until the cord detaches naturally, usually after three to five days.

Cher, 28, and her partner Will Thielker live in Brimscombe with their older daughter Aurora, five, and 13-month--old Ophelia. They will be moving to Wales at the end of the month to establish an Instinctual Living Retreat focusing on pregnancy and birth.

"Lotus Birth allows babies to receive all of their blood, oxygen and nutrients through what is known as the placental transfusion ...

"There is iron-rich blood in the placenta that the baby doesn't access until after the birth. When Aurora was born her cord was cut after 30 seconds, so she didn't receive all her blood volume." ....

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