Mother gave birth so quickly her baby slid down her trouser leg

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A mother told of her shock today after she unexpectedly gave birth at home so quickly her baby daughter slid down her trouser leg.

Katherine Allan, 23, was having regular contractions, but was told by the hospital they were still too far apart to require treatment. However moments later tiny Hannah made her surprise appearance at the bottom of the stairs as Katherine's partner Alan Moore, 25, helped her walk.

Little Hannah, who weighed 8lb 5oz, literally popped out where she stood and rolled down the front left leg of her grey jogging pants. ... Alan dived to scoop up Hannah just as she slid out across the floor - still attached to her mother via her umbilical cord.

The unexpected birth happened so quickly that Katherine did not feel any pain as the baby arrived at the couple's home ...

Katherine, who was preparing to go into hospital after her contractions got to seven and a half minutes apart on May 9, said the whole thing had been 'quite an ordeal'.

The full-time mother to two other sons, Ben, five, and Michael, three, said her previous labours had lasted up to 12 hours and stunned by the ease of this birth.

She said: 'I got to the bottom of the stairs and I just felt this massive urge to push when all of a sudden my waters broke all over the hallway carpet.

... 'It was a bit strange seeing this little lump roll down my jogging pants which was actually my daughter.

'My other births definitely weren't this easy and I will always recommend standing up to do it in future.'

Katherine wrapped Hannah in a towel and sat on the stairs waiting for ambulance staff to arrive, with the baby's umbilical cord still stretching down her leg, out of the bottom of her pants and up to her baby. Paramedics and a midwife checked Katherine's condition before they decided she didn't need to visit the local hospital and sent her to bed for a rest.

... 'The whole think was frightening but really brilliant and I was a very proud dad when I cut the umbilical cord with the help of the paramedics.

Homebirth midwives prepare their clients for the possibility of an unassisted birth, in the event that the midwife does not arrive in time. It would be useful for women if hospitals did this type of preparation too - I think it would save a lot of angst and concern from families who experience this.

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