New Leader of Australian Obstetricians Welcomes Government's New Maternity Plans With a But...

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Australia’s peak group of specialist obstetricians and gynaecologists today pledged to work with the Federal Government on the introduction of legislation that promotes the role midwives play in assisting specialist doctors in delivering healthy babies.

The new President of the National Association of Specialist Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (NASOG), Dr Hilary Joyce said that specialist doctors want to support the work of good midwives in hospitals and within collaborative practices.

“A strong collaborative model of patient care will ensure the safest and most equitable access to treatment for every Australian woman and her baby, and continue Australia’s marvelous obstetric safety record” said Dr Joyce.

However, Dr Joyce said that Australian women and their babies would fare even better if the Government also overturned a proposed budget measure that will adversely impact on every woman who seeks choice, access and affordability for her pregnancy care.

Dr Joyce said enhancing the ability of obstetricians and midwives to work together via the Medicare Benefits Schedule may be appropriate but any positive outcomes for mothers and their babies could be undermined by the proposed winding back of the obstetric safety net for patients.

“If this increased financial burden means women can no longer afford private obstetric care, they will inevitably be forced to go over to the public hospital maternity services which are already overwhelmed and barely coping with the increased birth rate of the last five years,” Dr Joyce said.

... NASOG applauds the Government announcement that it will not endorse midwives practising alone outside clinical settings

Excuse me while I vomit. Seriously. Private obstetric care should be funded, even though only 20% women actually need it. Private midwifery care (homebirth) - the sort of care that about 80% women could have - should not be funded?? This doctor opposes legislatory changes that reduce choice for obstetric care, yet in the same breath, she applauds changes that reduce choice for midwifery care.

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