New York Times Examines Maternal Mortality, Abortion In Africa

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Focusing on Tanzania, the New York Times examines maternal mortality and abortion access in Africa. According to the New York Times, "[p]regnancy and childbirth are among the greatest dangers that face women in Africa, which has the world's highest rates of maternal mortality - at least 100 times those in developed countries. Abortion accounts for a significant part of the death toll."

Data from the WHO shows that the estimated 19 million "unsafe abortions" each year around the world kill 70,000 women annually and account for 13 percent of maternal deaths worldwide. More than two million women have serious abortion-related complications. Although reliable Tanzanian abortion statistics are "hard to come by," the WHO reports that its Eastern African region has the "world's second-highest rate of unsafe abortions," the New York Times reports.

"In most countries the rates of abortion, whether legal or illegal - and abortion-related deaths - tend to decrease when the use of birth control increases," according to the New York Times ...

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