Outcomes for births booked under an independent midwife and births in NHS maternity units

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This article compares outcomes for women using independent midwives versus the NHS. It concludes:

While clinical outcomes across a range of variables were significantly better for women accessing an independent midwife, the significantly higher perinatal mortality rates for high risk cases in this group indicate an urgent need for a review of these cases. The significantly higher prematurity and admission rates to intensive care in the NHS cohort also indicate an urgent need for review.

A very sensible comment was left at another site:

"Once again we find that an independent homebirth for NORMAL pregnancy is better than a hospital birth. Your baby will have a higher birth weight, is less likely to be premature and in intensive care. You're more likely to start labour spontaneously and breastfeed, and will use fewer drugs. High-risk women who choose an independent midwife should be allowed to deliver in hospital, it is the policy of not allowing independent midwives access to NHS hospitals that puts these women at risk." - Antony Wright, London

I couldn't have said it better!

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