Pregnant or breastfeeding? Eat more oily fish

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... [Pregnant women] should be eating more oily fish to boost their intake of omega-3 fatty acids ...

"... women in pregnancy and lactation should aim to have a regular intake of these long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that you find in oily fish ... " ...

"It's a small change in lifestyle that can major effect on long-term health," Prof Koletzko said.

... women who had a recommended omega-3 intake during pregnancy could cut their risk of premature birth by 30 per cent.

... for "high risk" women who'd had previous premature births, their risk was reduced by 60 per cent.

A British study ... also showed flow-on benefits for the child.

"If the mother had eaten more fish and seafood during pregnancy, then there was a marked advantage for IQ development until age eight years," Prof Koletzko says.

"Fine motor development, and social behaviour, were all beneficially affected."

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