Aussie women 'too posh to push'

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IT seems that some Australian women really are too posh to push.

A national report on the hospital system ... shows that private patients are much more likely to have a caesarean birth than public patients.

Forty-two per cent of pregnant women who go private have a caesarian, compared with 27 per cent of women in public hospital .../blockquote>

And that's evidence that women are too posh to push> I'd say it's evidence that obstetricians prefer to perform operations that assist women in natural childbirth. If I was a surgeon, I'd probably prefer to perform surgery too! The general view is that if you have PHI, you ought to use it, and currently the only way to do this is with a private obetetrician. Rather than blaming women for the high ceasarean rate, we need to look at the choices that are available to women and the information that they receive about their hospital.

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