If Breast Is Best, Why Are 70% of U.S. Hospitals Pushing Formula?

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The majority of U.S. hospitals are providing formula packets ... to breastfeeding mothers while nearly one-fifth of hospitals give something other than breast milk as a first feeding to ... babies ... This practice contradicts the best medical evidence available ...

Breast milk ... provides ... antibodies and essential nutrients ... breastfeeding benefits [include] decreased risk of diabetes, obesity, juvenile leukemia, heart disease, asthma and ear infections. Breastfed children also have been found to have better jaw and eye development than those who are not breastfed.

... breastfeeding helps a uterus return to its normal size. It may help a new mother lose pregnancy weight, and studies show that it reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer ... breastfeeding [increases] bonding between mother and baby.

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