MPs praise East Lancashire midwives

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MIDWIVES from East Lancashire’s hospitals, who more than doubled the area’s home and water birth rate in just two years, have received a prestigious MPs’ award.

... The team were awarded the “Normality of Childbirth” category at the annual awards after transforming the choices and opportunities available to expectant mums.

... water birth training for just two midwives in 2006 had spread through the service and sparked a “phenomenal shift” in the ways births are managed ... By the end of 2008, almost six per cent of East Lancashire mothers were opting for water births, and more than three per cent chose a home birth.

Why is this not possible in this country? There was nothing other than support for the supreme efforts of these midwives who supported women to birth at home. Home birth is safe and midwifery care is a great option for women.

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