National Health Registration Law Flawed - Should Be Scrapped

For further information, contact Melissa Maimann at Essential Birth Consulting. For various reasons, some of the health professions that are set to be regulated under National Registration, are opposing the legislation. National Registration - and the requirement of all health professionals to have insurance (which is not available to private midwives currently) - is placing private home birth and the safety of mothers and babies under threat. Here are the Australian Doctors’ Fund's comments:

The Australian Doctors’ Fund has called for medical practitioners to be removed from the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (Bill B), claiming the Bill is flawed.

... “Were this bill to become law, a state parliament would no longer have jurisdiction in its own state, since a “disallowed regulation” by a state parliament would still be in force until a majority of other states disallowed it” ... This effectively means that the citizens of any state would be governed by other states.

“Here we have the most complex piece of health legislation ever devised, affecting over 400 000 health and allied health professionals, owned by no single jurisdiction. It is an orphan with 9 mothers, none of whom can claim any legal responsibility for their child.”

... "Yes, it is quite a complicated structure. It is sort of underpinned by the IGA... The Boards are accountable to ministers; it’s just that they are accountable to multiple ministers” ...

... Despite stating that “the object of this law is to protect the public”, Bill B would set up the apparatus for the deregulation of complex medical procedures ...

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