Defending the right of Mums to have a safe home birth

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Home-birthing can be a safe option for parents with proper medical supervision.

My wife and I were very lucky with both our babies. High quality medical advice mixed with relatively easy births ... meant that our experience was everything we could have hoped for.

It was a very intense and private experience.

... I was surprised when I saw the Federal Government’s reforms to maternity services ... I was very surprised by a small but concerning provision in the legislation that bans a range of medical professionals from delivering babies at home.

As it stands now, you are able to legally choose to have your baby at home ...

Many [women] have had horrific experiences in state run public hospitals and simply refuse to risk that experience again.

The new Roxon plan will ban these women from having professional assistance during their home birth. It will not prevent the practice of home birthing, it just proposes to outlaw health professionals from assisting with the birth. It has the potential to make these home births much more dangerous.

It would seem to me that banning health professionals from assisting with home births is more likely to increase the danger by pushing the practice underground ...

Now this is just crazy. The Government is not suggesting that birthing at home is dangerous, indeed there are Government funded programmes that operate home birthing services.

The evidence suggests that the health outcomes from home births have not led to increasingly dire outcomes, to the contrary it appears that many parents who have chosen to have home births have healthy babies and then recommend the experience to others ...

... Home births are not for everyone ... But I don’t believe removing this choice will help ensure that the birthing experience should be as safe and special as it can be.

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