Dutton Duds Our Valuable Nurse And Midwife Workforce, Australia

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The Liberals have put at risk the Rudd Government's landmark reforms for the nursing and midwifery workforce by refusing to indicate the opposition will support the bill before the Parliament.

In a contribution of 30 minutes, the Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing couldn't bring himself to support these important reforms that will improve choice and support for thousands of families in our community.

Provided that they birth in hospital ...

... These landmark changes for nurses and midwives will give them access to the Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for the first time. These changes will provide all Australians with greater choice about their healthcare via improved access to the skilled services of nurses and midwives.

Again, only for hospital birth. Women choosing home birth will be on their own.

This legislation is a key plank of the government's $120.5 million maternity reform package, improving the choices for Australian women in accessing high quality, safe maternity care, as well as providing support for the maternity services workforce.

On the separate issue of Registration and Accreditation that is causing concern for those in the community that support homebirths ...

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