Government plan to ban homebirth an attack on "Women's Rights"

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The Rudd Government's plan to ban midwives from attending homebirths is an attack on women and their right to give birth how they choose ...

Senator Fielding will be attending a rally today ... to voice his opposition to the ban on homebirths.

"This is an outrageous decision ... totally inconsistent with all other health care systems which operate around the world.

... "It is a woman's right to decide how she gives birth. It is not up to the Government to tell her how to do this or where to do this.

... "Numerous studies have shown that for low-risk women with appropriate transfer... options available, homebirths are at least as safe as births in hospitals or birth centres.

"This Bill is a dangerous move ... "whether the government likes it or not, women will continue to give birth at home. All this will do is drive homebirths underground with disastrous ramifications for women and their newborn.”

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