Homebirth mums 'forced to use unregistered midwives'

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A national maternity consumers' group says women will be forced to use unregistered midwives if they want homebirths from the middle of next year.

... under the proposed amendments, new indemnity insurance arrangements for midwives will not apply to homebirths.

... "Women will be able to choose a non-registered care provider to give birth at home, which is of concern to the Maternity Coalition," she said.

"We would really like women to be able to access a registered midwife for their care during birth and labour at home."

So long as we don't use the title "midwife", and are not registered as midwives, we will be able to attend home births. However, midwives who are not registered will not be able to access valuable continuing professional development exercises, participate in the profession, access additional care for our clients, or have anything to do with the profession. We will nto be able to transfer in with our clients if hospital transfer is necessary. We will need to leave our clients at the front gate of the hospital. They will need to lie about all the antenatal and labour / birth care that they have received. Is this how we provide safe and effective care in 2010? It sounds like a mighty step backwards to me!

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