Most New Moms Use Contraceptives, Just Not Effective Ones

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Only 60% of women who have just given birth use a highly effective contraceptive ...

... Highly effective methods include sterilization, an intrauterine device, the pill, the patch, or a ring. Moderately effective methods included condoms, while those less effective included a diaphragm, cervical cap, sponge, rhythm, and withdrawal.

It interests me that the Billings Method (LAM) is considered to not be effective, when research around it shows it to be 97%+ effective. I note that the authors of this study refer to it as "rhythm" which in itself if not accurate. the rhythm method is diffferent to Billings / LAM since different rules apply to lactating women. If health professionals are not cognizant of this, then it is no wonder the method is not effective.

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