Victoria to Pilot New Home Birth Option

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Victorian families will more birthing choices thanks to a Brumby Labor Government pilot program. ... a pilot program would be established at two Melbourne hospitals to trial public home birth services.

“The Brumby Labor Government is taking action to provide Victorian families with world-class health services,’’ Mr Andrews said.

“Home birthing has been a popular option considered by women expecting straight-forward, uncomplicated births.

This is great news. But I disagree with the statement that "Victorian families will more birthing choices". Some will have more choices open to them; most will not. Only low-risk women will have home birth as an option available to them.

... Until now, the only option for women seeking a home birth has been to engage a private midwife at their own expense ...

... “Trailing the Victorian model where homebirth could be part of the public system is consistent with the Commonwealth recommendations, and would ensure that women opting for home births would still fall directly under the umbrella of hospital services should any complications arise,” Mr Andrews said ...

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