Women and birthing choices

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WOMEN wanting homebirths are under pressure to have their children before July 1 next year ...

... some women are considering limiting their families ... if homebirth midwives are refused professional indemnity support.

... all women should have the birth they wanted.

... The Health Legislation Amendment (Midwives and Nurse Practitioners) Bill 2009 and two related bills currently under debate could make homebirths unlawful from July 1 next year ...

... the legislation could put babies and mothers at risk.

"Does it take a baby to die at home without a midwife for things to change?"

About 30 Ballarat Maternity Coalition members will attend a Homebirth Australia rally in Canberra on September 7.

There has been a lot of media about this issue.  I'm hopeful that a resolution will be found, however home birth services as we know them will change forever.  I will write another article about the positives that may come of the changes, and also the hesitations that I have.

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