Home birth with a private midwife will be exempt from insurance requirements

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Pregnant women wanting to give birth at home have won a reprieve after Federal Government and the States cut a deal today to allow midwives to continue practising without insurance.

Health Minister Nicola Roxon announced privately practising midwives would have a two year exemption from obtaining medical indemnity cover.

... Under the deal announced today following the Health Ministers conference in Canberra, midwives will be able to keep practising homebirths provided they warn expectant mothers they do not have insurance, they follow quality and safety guidelines being developed and each homebirth is reported to health authorities.

The exemption will last until June 2012 ...

Fantastic news!! The details are still hazy though - will home birth be funded in any way? Will midwives who attend births at home be able to access PBS and order tests for their clients? Midwives will need to have insurance to register. What is the situation for midwives who only attend births at home? It seems that they will need to purchase an insurance product that they cannot use!

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