Pushing for options

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Tucked in a backyard in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Des Moines is a resource for learning about natural birth. You won't find a copy of the best-seller "What to Expect When You're Expecting" in Amy Brooks Murphy's outbuilding studio where she conducts "Before and After the Birth" classes for expectant moms. Instead, titles such as "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth," ... line the bookshelf and nutrition reminders and bits of encouragement are neatly printed on the chalkboard.

Brooks Murphy's classes focus on developing a birth plan that prioritizes position changes and relaxation methods to move childbirth along rather than the medications to induce labor or relieve pain.

"Birth in our culture is so negative," Brooks Murphy said. "It's turned into a medical event. I think women talk about this, and so they're questioning and wondering how they can make theirs different."

Education, preparation and support are all crucial to a successful natural birth. Finding the right resources to help make that decision might take a little extra legwork.

... For expectant moms who have an individualized plan for childbirth, their midwife services have helped reintroduce the idea of using a midwife.

... "The word is out and women know that midwifery care is an option and they're demanding it," ...

... Whether women are interested in laboring in a hot tub or going all-natural with postnatal vitamins, there's a growing community focused on supporting natural birth and parenting options ...

"Once you give birth the way you want to give birth, you feel so empowered and you want to share it," ...

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