Put The Safety Of Babies And Their Mothers Ahead Of Home Birth Ideology

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The title of this article is offensive to say the least! The vast majority of home birthing women do not put home birth ideology ahead of a safe birth.

Australia’s peak group of obstetricians and gynaecologists today repeated its warning that home births – with or without a midwife – carry too much risk to babies and their mothers and the Government should resist calls to indemnify midwives outside of hospitals.

For starters, she does not seem to even acknowledge the difference between midwife-attended home births and free births.

The President of the National Association of Specialist Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (NASOG), Dr Hilary Joyce, congratulated the Government-majority Senate Committee investigating proposed legislation relating to the role of midwives, for putting the safety of babies ahead of protestations by a small but vocal minority of people.

“I would urge all politicians to look to the evidence and to speak to the doctors and the midwives who have to deal with some of the tragic consequences of home births,” Dr Joyce said today.

“Australia has one of the safest and highest quality maternity services in the world where specialist doctors work side by side with qualified midwives to ensure babies and their mothers have a safe and successful birth experience.”

Safe and successful? Many women who enter the hospital system to give birth come away traumatised. The majority of women who birth at home with a midwife are happy and satisfied with their experience. Rates of mortality are the same for low risk women whether they birth at home or in hospital. But morbidity is far higher in hospital.

... “There is irrefutable evidence that women and babies are significantly safer in hospitals because of the immediate access to specialist care. Thankfully, only 0.25% of Australian women risk their lives and that of their babies by choosing a home birth.”

I'd like to see this irrefutable evidence. I cannot find it. "only 0.25% of Australian women risk their lives and that of their babies by choosing a home birth.” - is this offensive or what? The vast majority of home birthing women I know will not risk their baby's life or their own simply to birth at home.

Dr Joyce said the Minister for Health and Ageing was acting in the best interests of babies and their mothers by refusing to financially endorse the unsafe practice of delivering babies at home.

“There are things that can go wrong suddenly in a birth which, if not under specialist care or near medical assistance, can result in an avoidable death or permanent injury,” Dr Joyce explained ...

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