Rate of death low for home births

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Lots of great articles about the most recent home birth study.

In comparison to midwife- and physician-assisted hospital births, the rate of perinatal death is low for those who arrange for home-based child birth with a registered midwife in attenance ...

Perinatal death rate per 1,000 arranged home births was 0.35 compared with 0.57 for midwife-aided hospital births, or 0.64 for physician-assisted hospital births.

... In the US, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists continues to stand against the practice.

... Home birth requirements ... included no preexisting or pregnancy-onset maternal disease, a singleton fetus, and gestational age between 36 and 41 weeks.

... Of women intending to birth their child at home, 78.8% were able to keep their plans. ... For home births assisted by midwives, there was much less chance of third- or fourth-degree perineal tear, postpartum hemorrhage and pyrexia, compared with midwife-assisted hospital birth. Birth trauma, resuscitation and oxygen therapy beyond 24 hours also were less likely in the home birth set of mothers. Infection rates were similar in the two groups.

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