Women find birth rewarding

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When Michelle Sallee ... her first child, Leilah, 5, she had her in a hospital.

When she had her second child ... she had her baby in the Reading Hospital parking lot.

For baby No. 3, ... she chose the Reading Birth and Women's Center, Kenhorst.

"It was wonderful," she said. "Don't get me wrong, the hospital is great if that's what you need.

"But we learned. Oh, boy, did we learn. All of my pregnancies were healthy, natural, no medication needed. But with the last one just being with the midwives was so much more relaxing and caused much less stress.

"There was no rushing around and none of the electronic monitoring and machinery got in the way of the natural experience. Your baby is with you all the time and never leaves your side. I recommend this way to anyone, because it is so much more physically rewarding."

A Mennonite mother ... has two whildren ... Both were born at the birth center.

She spoke highly of the birthing experience there and of the midwives.

"I love the atmosphere and care that's given here," ....

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