Do Premies Benefit From High-Tech Measures?

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Even though more treatments are provided for extremely preterm infants, they're no more likely to survive than they were in the mid-1990s ...

"Mortality has not changed ... over the past 10 years despite escalation in care at each gestational age studied. What has changed is the length of time until death," ... "Applying all available medical technology to the perinatal care of extremely premature infants prolongs but does not prevent their death."

... The researchers noted an ongoing debate about "whether scientific advances can continue to lower the border of viability (the gestational age at which an infant can survive) or whether this goal should even be attempted."

Evidence suggests that extremely preterm infants are regularly resuscitated, even though many die within days after birth. This raises concerns that "aggressive resuscitation results in prolonging death and suffering in some" ...

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