Independent childbirth education

Visit my website to learn more about my services. Top Reasons Why Women Choose Independent Birth Education Classes

1. Independent educators are specialists in what they do. They are trained specifically in birth education. Some are also skilled in other areas including midwifery.

2. Independent educators are not bound by hospital policies. All hospitals all have varying pregnancy and birth policies. These policies may be based on best practice and evidence, reducing litigation, making the labour faster so there are more beds available, making things easier or safer for staff – even if it’s not in the mother’s best interest.

Accordinly, hospital-based classes generally let women know what the policies are. They are based around the policy and don't necessarily reflect the real options or best care for labouring women. Hospital classes will tell you what the hospital says you are allowed/not allowed to do based on their own ‘rules’. When women engage independent childbirth educators, they learn about hospital policies and all other options that are available.

3. You’ll see birth DVDs that are designed to inspire, not scare. There are many birth DVDs that depict birth as an impossible experience to get through without an epidural or a caesarean. Waching DVDs such as these can leave couples feeling that they cannot cope with a vaginal birth, and this convinces them that they actually do need drugs (and a hospital) for the birth – just like all their friends have told them.

Contrastingly, the DVD’s you see in independent classes are very inspiring, uplifting and show you the potential of women's bodies when they are supported in birth.

4. You’ll learn more tools for natural labour Women and their partners have more confidence to cope with the tougher parts to labour when they are given more options and tools for natural pain relief. Classes than skim through natural pain relief, only to focus on the epidural, tend to see more couples opting for medical pain relief.

5. Families will discover all their options Again, independent birth educators do not operate based on policy, but what is possible for you – what options and rights you have as a labouring couple. There will be no ‘we do this’ or ‘we do that’, only: ‘you could choose to do this’ or ‘you could choose to do that’– with the pros and cons both ways. It is a much more balanced view of what’s possible, with the view that your body is extremely capable – and not just what everyone else is like.

6. You pay for what you get Yes, generally speaking, independent childbirth education classes are more expensive than the hospital classes. There are several reasons why this is the case: - Independent childbirth educators do childbirth education. Hospital classes are an extra that is added, it is not their "bread and butter". - Independent childbirth educators often spend several days each year in additional education to remain up-to-date in their education sontent and style. - Some educators offer classes one-on-one, in couple's homes. Providing tailored services such as one-on-one classes, particularly in the convenience of a family's home, accounts for the increased cost. - The care factor of independent childbirth educators is exemplary. They really want families to get a lot out of the classes. Their reputation depends on it! The educators genuinely want you to have a great experience and have great philosophies about birth.

7. You know who you are getting ... and what their birth philosophy is Families can explore their options for classes, including educators. Couples can choose educators who have other qualifications, such as midwifery. You can read the testimonials ahead of time, so you know you are getting a great service. Educators are also happy to take your calls and questions before and after the classes.

9. It will help you to form a birth plan When women are more aware of the options that are available to the, they are better able to select the options that are consistent with their goals for their labour and birth. To put it simply, if you don't know you have options, you don't have any.

A deeper awareness and understanding of all the available options will help you to write a birth plan that's right for you. You will have more control, rather than feeling you have to 'leave it to the experts.’

It's important to note that while there are some brilliant birth educators out there, birth classes alone will not get you across the line. They are a great start and will likely have you thinking about lots of things you hadn’t already thought about, but all your choices as a whole will shape your birth, not just education. The care provider you choose and the hospital (or not) that you you birth in will be the main determinents of your birthing experience.

For example, if you really want a natural birth and have chosen an obstetrician and private hospital – then you have chosen the statistically worst option for avoiding interventions including pain relief, caesarean sections and assisted delivery. If a natural birth is important to you, then private midwifery and perhaps a home birth will place the odds in your favour for a natural birth.

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