Obesity cuts the chances of IVF treatment working

Link ... obesity cuts the chance of IVF working and increases the risk of premature birth and stillbirth.

... [the] impact becomes more profound as weight increases ...

... being overweight and obese affects natural conception too and has a profound impact on a woman and her baby’s health throughout pregnancy and beyond.

... the most obese women ... had 35% less chance of falling pregnant and a 59% increased chance of giving birth to a very premature baby ...

... “The take-home message ... is that women need to reduce their weight before trying fertility treatment.

... “Obesity is a state of inflammation and ... It is not conducive to conception and ... pregnancy.”

... 32% of women over 16 are overweight ... and 21% ... are obese ...

... being overweight increases the risk of diabetes during and after pregnancy, pre-eclampsia and developing a potentially lethal DVT.

... the chances of recognising foetal abnormalities decrease in overweight and obese women because the quality of ultrasound images falls.

... "Just ... losing 5% of their body weight may be enough to restore ovulation in women who are overweight.”

... “Women need to understand that obesity cannot only affect themselves – it can affect their child. If the mother is obese, their child is three times more likely to be obese; and if the father is obese too the child is eight times more likely to be obese.”