Should Men attend the birth of their child?

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Men attending the birth of their child can make labor ‘more painful and more difficult’ for women ...

Many men are excited about their new children and want to be with their partner when she gives birth. However ... during childbirth men create problems for the birthing woman and should have no part of the birth environment.

Dr. Michel Odent ... links high expectations of men in the birth environment to the “industrialization of childbirth”.

“The ideal birth environment involves no men in general,” ...

“Having been involved for more than 50 years ... the best environment I know for an easy birth is where there is nobody around the woman in labor apart from a silent, low-profile and experienced midwife—and no doctor and no husband, nobody else.”

“In this situation, more often than not, the birth is easier and faster than what happens when there are other people around, especially male figures—husbands and doctors.”

Dr. Odent ... believes the anxiety brought on by male figures can cause a woman’s oxytocin levels to drop. Insufficient oxytocin, a hormone vital to the birthing process, may increase the need for a caesarean section.

“If she can’t release oxytocin, she can’t have effective contractions, and everything becomes more difficult. Labor becomes longer, more painful and more difficult because the hormonal balance in the woman is disturbed by the environment that’s not appropriate because of the presence of the man.” ...

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