Australian Mothers Do Not Get Enough Support From Those Close to Them: The Motherhood Study

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...70 percent of Australian mothers say they do not get enough support from those close to them ...

... The Motherhood Study, which includes over 4,000 mothers from Australia and New Zealand ... explores the hypothesis that mums today suffer from a lack of “organismic psychological needs” – autonomy, competence and relatedness – due to tension between innate love for their child and misleading external pressures.

To gauge the levels of these needs, Huntsman and Hedley-Ward have drafted a 112-point survey asking questions like, “How close are your relatives?” and “Are there older women in your life helping you?”

A lack of support is proving a common thread in the early analysis of data, with 70 percent of mums saying they do not get enough support from those close to them. Combine this with over 50 percent of mums saying they do not have any close family nearby, and 68 percent of them living away from their hometown, and it’s easy to see potential danger.

With only 13 percent of mums reporting that they spend regular, quality ‘couple time’ with their husband/partner, intimate relationships are another key focus within the study.

... “The goal is to let mothers feel what they feel without feeling guilty and to take away this notion that they have to be perfect,” ...

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