Former midwife looks back on 100 years

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A retired district ... midwife has celebrated her 100th birthday putting down her longevity to ‘hard work’ while doing a job she loved.

Bertha Kilgannan was born in Jersey on November 18, 1909 and moved to Tiverton in Devon as a child where she went to school.

Her grandmother and mother were district nurses and the young Bertha followed into the profession ...

... She married, to become Bertha Hookway and had a son and daughter.

... Bertha said of her career as a midwife when she would go door-to-door on her bicycle: “I loved it. I loved my babies and the mothers.

“It was hard work, but it was an interesting job - you were interested in the mothers and their babies.”

... On turning 100 ... ednesday she said: “I have had a good life. It’s been a long life ...

“I look back and think I wish I had done something, but it has not been too bad in the long run ... I have had a good life.”

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