Ultrasound scans linked to brain damage in babies

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... men born to mothers who underwent scanning were more likely to show signs of subtle brain damage.

... subtle brain damage can cause people who ought genetically to be right-handed to become left-handed ... these people face a higher risk of conditions ranging from learning difficulties to epilepsy.

... men whose mothers had scans were significantly more likely to be left-handed than normal, pointing to a higher rate of brain damage while in the womb.

... Prof Juni Palmgren ... told The Sunday Telegraph: "I would urge people not to refuse to have ultrasound scanning, as the risk of brain damage is only a possibility ..."

... until further studies are carried out, scanning should still be regarded as safe by mothers-to-be ...

... Dr Duck cautioned ... ultrasound ... has saved the lives of countless babies: "This research must be seen in context, and it should not deter anyone from having an antenatal scan."

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