Women to be mothered over baby plans

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... Health authorities keen to prevent birth defects and pregnancy complications that can arise from obesity, diabetes and poor lifestyle and nutrition habits will offer the advice in new state-government-funded clinics.

An experienced midwife will run the PLaN (preconception, lifestyle and nutrition) clinics.

A trial clinic opened at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick ... the scheme has now been expanded to ... Sydney Hospital.

Women ... can have consultations by phone ...

"They may need to have some blood tests, then sort out ... weight loss," ... "... can we make sure they're taking vitamins, taking folic acid before they get pregnant?

... If their BMI was above 30 ... they may be referred to a dietitian.

Women would also be advised to quit smoking and drinking ... and take folic acid to reduce the chance of having a baby with spina bifida ...

... " ... increasing numbers of people are looking to have children and this service aims to help put them on a path to a healthy pregnancy before they conceive," ...

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