Hospital rejects home birth trial

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I was interested to read this article after the announcement that Victorian women will, for the first time, have access to publicly-funded home birth services.

BENDIGO Hospital has decided it will not be involved in a pilot project that allows women to give birth at home.

The State Government announced the $400,000 midwife-led home-birth project last week.

It would allow women to give birth at home with hospital back-up for the first time.

Actually, it has always been the case that hospitals have provided back-up for home births.

... A country hospital was sought to participate in the program, but Bendigo Hospital did not throw its hat in the ring.

... “Our current focus is to expand our Mamta program, where every woman has a dedicated midwife right through her pre-natal visits and delivery ... Women in the Bendigo community have shown a great deal of interest in the Mamta program and there is currently a high demand for inclusion in this program.” ...

Other hospitals with continuity of care programs similar to the one described above have used these continuity of care programs to encompass home and birth centre or hospital birth.

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