Lotus birthing: trend or risk

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... lotus birthing is becoming a trend in home birthing circles ...

It raises questions about ... cord clamping right after birth and raises eyebrows in the medical community where many doctors contend this birthing practice poses unnecessary risks of infection.

Lotus birthing means ... the parents and their midwife instead opt to have the placenta remain attached to nourish the baby and let it fall off naturally.

During this period before it does fall off, parents clean, salt and wrap the placenta, usually in a cloth diaper ...

People who have chosen lotus birthing said they believe that the placenta is providing the baby with nutrients and oxygen even after it separates from the uterus ... clamping and cutting of the cord should only be done after the cord stops pulsating.

... immediate clamping and cutting of the cord ... may deprive the baby of the ability to transition from a liquid-based environment to an oxygen-based environment ...

... doctors are becoming more accepting of delayed cord clamping, but they criticize the idea of lotus birthing methods.

[Dr] Dinsmoor also said that she believes lotus birthing may not really be of any use. “Fairly soon after the baby is born those umbilical vessels…basically are obliterated. So you are not getting anything really good from the placenta through those umbilical vessels,” she said.

But, lotus birthing is gaining popularity because women choosing to take more control of their pregnancy are asking questions and turning to the Internet for answers.

Chicago attorney Leonard Hudson and his wife Gayle Hudson ... discovered lotus birthing on a Web site.

Gayle Hudson said she had only one priority: “What is going to give [my baby] the best start in her life? And I thought – the least amount of drugs, the least amount of stress.”

Hudson’s said her fear of having a birth in an environment where she felt doctors and nurses see birth as surgery, made her choose home birth. After making this decision ... she ... researched lotus birthing.

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