Campaign to promote natural births

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The NHS ... has launched a campaign to promote normal births, to try and decrease the number of medical interventions.

Promoting normal births has been highlighted ... to improve patient care ...

... the proportion of births by Caesarean Section has been increasing ... In 1989/1990 around 12% of all births were done by CS, whilst by 2005/6 that rate has doubled to 24%.

Boon Lim is the Chair of the Maternity and Newborn Programme Board of NHS East of England. He told Heart some of the benefits which come with a natural birth: "Be able to get home earlier, and be able to care for the babies in a better position rather than having to contend with having an operation to deliver their babies."

"Every woman in the east of England is entitled to receive the highest quality care and support to give her the best chance of a straightforward pregnancy, a positive birth experience and a happy and healthy baby. We are committed to promote normality of birth and guarantee women a choice of where to give birth, based on an assessment of safety for mother and baby." ...

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