Feedback on our maternity system

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... 20% of ... mothers ... said they had witnessed occasions when a lack of resources put a mother at risk; 14 per cent said they had seen shortages put a baby at risk.

63% of ... mothers ... agreed that public maternity units resembled ''herding yards'' when asked if it was an appropriate description.

Of ... women who gave birth in the public system ... more than a third said leaving hospital too soon was a problem, 47 per cent felt their postnatal care was inadequate, and 48 per cent experienced a lack of breastfeeding support.

Of [the] ... women who gave birth in the private system ... 17 per cent said they were discharged too early, 39 per cent felt their postnatal care was lacking, and 45 per cent said they did not receive adequate breastfeeding support.

Of the ... mothers who gave birth in both the public and private systems, 43 per cent thought the private system was better; 30 per cent thought the public system was better.

... providing midwives with more independence to prescribe drugs would improve the system.

62% ... said Australia's 30 per cent caesarean rate was too high. A quarter thought it was mainly done for professional liability reasons and a fifth believed it was done at a mother's request.

47% ... said there was a shortage of midwives ...

WHAT MOTHERS SAY ''There should be more continuity of care. Knowing your carer and trusting your carer removes the fear from childbirth and fear leads to more interventions.''

... ''There is a severe shortage of birth centre places available and in many areas it is not even an option.''

''There are so many time limits imposed on women which completely disregard the natural progression of labour in women's bodies. Doctors are too quick to intervene, too impatient to wait and allow the body to do its job.''

... ''Women are not being given enough time to labour naturally.''

"I was not supported well enough to have a vaginal birth. I felt like they were more concerned with getting me in and out quickly so they could free up beds.''

... ''There are too many obstetricians performing unnecessary caesarean sections and other interventions due to fear of litigation.''

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