Home births multiply death risk by seven

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BABIES are seven times more likely to die during home births.

That is the finding of a study conducted by Marc Keirse of Flinders University ... who examined data on almost 300,000 births in South Australia between 1991 and 2006.

Babies born at home were also 27 times more likely to suffer asphyxiation during labour ...

... The AMA is backing the federal government's proposed overhaul of home birthing laws, which will require all midwives to be insured and join a national register.

... a... Senate committee recognised the legislation could drive home births underground.

... Professor Keirse said the home births regime needed a stronger safety net.

"Prohibition doesn't work. It would just make it less safe than it already is" Professor Keirse said.

"But what we should do is have a larger safety net to make sure people are doing it properly."

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